A77 Resurfacing Completed Ahead of Schedule

Published date : 07 Sep 2017


A77 Resurfacing Completed Ahead of Schedule

Scotland TranServ, working on behalf of Transport Scotland has completed the resurfacing of the A77 North of the Stena Terminal ahead of schedule.

Work, that was due for completion at 6am on Friday morning (8th September), has now been finished a day ahead of schedule.

Alan Murray, Scotland TranServ’s Principal Design Engineer said:

“The community and local businesses have played an important role in ensuring this project ran smoothly. The word has been spread far and wide across both Scotland and Northern Ireland, with many organisations using their websites and social media channels to keep their customers informed on the works.

“We know how important an artery this is for the community and our contractors have pulled out all the stops to make sure this project was finished as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible. We’re investing to improve the A77 road surface, with a number of other schemes being planned for the months ahead.

“Scotland TranServ will continue to work with local authorities, Police Scotland and key local stakeholders to ensure our improvement projects are delivered with minimal disruption in mind.”

On behalf of Transport Scotland, trunk road management and maintenance company Scotland TranServ is delivering an important programme of work to improve South West Scotland’s trunk road infrastructure and support the economic growth and development of the region.

Andy Fraser, Scotland TranServ’s Operating Company Representative added:

“The A77 is an important economic artery for the region, with many communities and businesses along the route. Throughout, we have scheduled this significant programme to be delivered with maximum efficiency and minimal disruption. Across South West Scotland, we’re working on behalf of Transport Scotland to prioritise such road maintenance issues and deliver our road surface improvement projects as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible.”


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