Brexit Threat to Food Name Protections Risk to Local Producers

Published date : 06 Oct 2016

SNP MSP for Carrick, Cumnock and Doon Valley has highlighted the threat posed by Brexit to the European food name protections which guarantee exclusive geographical use for producers of products such as whisky, lamb and beef – putting at risk the reputation of some of Scotland’s best known products.

Many Scottish products have protected status under EU legislation through Protected Designation of Origin, Protected Geographical Indication and Traditional Speciality Guaranteed – including local produce such as whisky, lamb and beef.

Any loss of these protections would allow other producers to “piggyback” on the global reputation of Scottish produce and would pose a risk to the market share of existing producers.

Commenting, Ms Freeman said:

“This finding shows the very real threat that Brexit brings to producers across Carrick, Cumnock and Doon valley.  These products could lose their protections and guarantees of quality, which is vital to ensuring only produce from a specific area can use its name.

“Without this, we could see produce piggybacking on the reputation of our whiskies, salmon, lamb, beef and more, driving down exports, reputations and purchasing of our world renowned products – threatening jobs and prosperity in our communities.

“It is vital that these food name protections are maintained to ensure that our produce retains its reputation as the world’s best. The threat to it merely shows once again how ill-conceived and wrong-headed the UK government’s Brexit plans are – and there is an urgent need for them to offer producers in Carrick, Cumnock and Doon Valley the certainty they require on this vital issue.”


Products currently benefitting from protected status are:

  • Traditional Ayrshire Dunlop
  • Orkney Scottish Island Cheddar
  • Stornoway Black Pudding
  • Scottish Wild Salmon
  • Native Shetland Wool
  • Scottish Farmed Salmon
  • Scotch Lamb
  • Scotch Beef
  • Arbroath Smokies
  • Teviotdale Cheese
  • Shetland Lamb
  • Orkney Beef
  • Orkney Lamb
  • Scotch whisky
European Union
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