Jeane Freeman MSP Challenges RBS to be More Accessible

Published date : 05 Jul 2017


Jeane Freeman MSP has again challenged Royal Bank of Scotland to improve the accessibility of their van based mobile bank fleet after East Ayrshire’s Leisure Trust unveiled two new fully wheelchair accessible van based mobile libraries earlier this month.

Following the closure of RBS’s Dalmellington and Maybole branches, with further closures planned for Girvan, Cumnock and Mauchline, Jeane has pursued meetings with RBS to demand that they offer an equal service to all their customers. As things stand, customers with mobility problems face doing their banking outside the van in all weathers.

Jeane said: “It is almost a year since I first met with RBS to raise the issue of accessibility, but so far they have failed to make any positive steps towards improving their service. Not everyone wants to, or can use either telephone or internet banking which seems to be the only so called solution RBS are willing to offer”

“ East Ayrshire Leisure Trust’s investment in these accessible vehicles is excellent but it does raise the serious question why the tax payer backed Royal Bank of Scotland can’t offer a similar vehicle.”

“RBS’s failure to act has quite simply been disgraceful. So come on RBS, what’s your excuse now?”

East Ayrshire Leisure Trust’s new Low Floor vans allow easy access for wheel chairs and those with reduced mobility. As well as many community stops, the vans will also visit primary schools and early childhood centres offering an improved and extended service to current and new users in East Ayrshire.


  1. Ford Transit based RBS mobile branch
  2. East Ayrshire Leisure Trust's new Fiat Ducato based low floor accessible mobile library


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