Published date : 17 Apr 2018


MSP Jeane Freeman has signed the pledge to #saynotopuppydealers in order to help combat illegal puppy farming and isurging others to do the same.

The Scottish SPCA has today (Monday 16 April) launched a joint campaign with the Scottish Government, Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home, RSPCA, Battersea, Dogs Trust, University of Edinburgh, PAAG,  Trading Standards Scotland, One Kind, Blue Cross and BSAVA to put an end to the illegal puppy trade.

 The campaign’s new website aims to be the main source of information for the public on what to be aware of when thinking about buying a puppy and avoiding illegal puppy dealers. 

Thousands of puppies are born into the illegal puppy trade each year, which the Scottish Government estimated to be worth £13m in 2017 in Scotland alone. Many of these puppies are kept in horrendous conditions, are often removed from their mothers too early - causing distress, harm and health problems, all in the name of a quick profit. 

Commenting, MSP Jeane Freeman, Carrick, Cumnock and Doon Valley:

“I am supporting the #saynotopuppydealers campaign to raise awareness of the illegal puppy trade and to help people in Carrick, Cumnock and Doon Valley realise that although it can be hard to walk away from a puppy that looks like it needs your help – purchasing a puppy from puppy farms in the illegal trade will only fuel the industry and another dog will soon take its place.

“There are thousands of dogs across Scotland in rescue centres needing a home – yet the illegal trade in puppies continues to be a lucrative source of income for many. We need to do all we can to reject this trade and ultimately improve animal welfare by starving the industry of profit.

“The advice of this new joint campaign is to walk away, report your concerns, and stop the trade. I hope more people will join me and sign the #saynotopuppydealers pledge.”


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