Joint Inspection of Services for Children and Young People in East Ayrshire

Published date : 21 Mar 2018

A very positive report

East Ayrshire Council have today published the findings of the Joint Inspection for Children and Young People in the East Ayrshire Community Planning Partnership area by the Care Inspectorate, which reports that East Ayrshire is excelling in the provision of services for children and young people.

The inspection evaluated services across nine quality indicators, and whilst acknowledging the high levels of poverty and deprivation, the report praised the positive results that had been achieved through partnership working throughout East Ayrshire to ensure their children and young people are safe, healthy, achieving, nurtured, active, respected, responsible and included.

Commenting, Jeane Freeman MSP said:

“This is a very positive report and is testimony to the commitment and skill of staff working across the agencies in East Ayrshire.  It is clear that they have listened well to the voices and views of their children and young people.

“It is exactly right that children and young people are included and valued when shaping and improving the policies and services that affect them and I am very pleased that this independent inspection has recognised and commended this approach.

“I want to thank East Ayrshire Community Planning Partnership agencies who play such key roles in providing vital services for children, young people and families, and who are putting children and young people in East Ayrshire at the heart of every decision they make as they continue their journey to improve the quality of services available to them.  Most importantly, I want to thank the children and young people of East Ayrshire for all they bring to our communities, for their energy and talent and for their help in improving the services that matter to them”



Care Inspectorate – Service for Children and Young People in East Ayrshire March 2018, Report of Joint Inspection:

Council (East Ayrshire)
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