MSP Continues Fight for Fairness

Published date : 09 Feb 2018


Jeane Freeman MSP has praised the work of the SNP’s Westminster leader Ian Blackford MP in his campaign to hold Royal Bank of Scotland to account over its reckless bank closures programme.

Following pressure from the SNP and communities in affected areas, RBS has halted the closure of 10 of the 62 branches until the end of 2018 to see if any of these branches can see sustainable transactional increases and viable new income over this period together with 9 other concessions as part of a package of support to local communities., But RBS have made no commitment to review their fleet of 21 mobile branches which have faced nationwide criticism for being inaccessible for customers with mobility problems.

Carrick, Cumnock and Doon Valley MSP Jeane Freeman said

“Keeping some branches open is all very well but loyal customers in my constituency have lost access to all RBS branches and have to rely on weekly mobile branches visiting communities.

“It is shocking that RBS continue to refuse d to meet their statutory duty under the Equality Act and take  positive steps to make sure that a disabled person can access the same services and premises as someone who is not disabled.

“Forcing customers to do their banking in a car park underneath umbrellas as access to the vehicle is impossible is a disgraceful way to treat loyal customers who have chosen to stay with RBS following the bank closures.

"So I’ll work to make sure my constituents benefits from any improvements to enhanced services  at Post Office counters and improved access to digital services, I will not let RBS off the hook until it treats all its customers fairly and makes it mobile bank vans accessible to everyone.”

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