MSP Takes Action on A77

Published date : 28 Mar 2017


Jeane Freeman MSP has met with senior officials from Transport Scotland and Scotland Transerv to discuss improvement plans for the A77 in the village of Lendalfoot. Ms Freeman and a local A77 campaigner walked part of the route in Lendalfoot alongside the officials.

Ms Freeman said;

“Transport Scotland have committed to a schedule of works to repair the road in Lendalfoot, and to increased signage publicising the 40 mph speed limit. This is a good start.

“In rural Ayrshire, the road network is a vital lifeline that people need to use daily for their work, education or to access services and socialise.  We need our roads to be in the best condition and we need the communities that our roads pass through to be safe. The arguments for a 30mph in Lendalfoot are persuasive and I intend to continue to pursue that improvement.”

Earlier this month Ms Freeman and colleague Corri Wilson MP hosted a roundtable discussion on the problems with A77 road closures in Carrick, Cumnock and Doon Valley constituency, which was attended by all the relevant organisations and activists.


  1. Attached photo shows Jeane Freeman MSP walking the A77 at Lendalfoot.
  2. Transport Scotland is the national transport agency for Scotland.
  3. Scotland Transerv is the operating company responsible for the management and maintenance of the trunk road network in south west Scotland.
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