New Scottish Government Mental Health Strategy

Published date : 31 Mar 2017

Jeane Freeman MSP Welcomes New Scottish Government Mental Health Strategy

Jeane Freeman MSP has welcomed the publication of the Scottish Government’s new ten-year mental health strategy, which commits the Scottish Government to working to achieve parity between mental health and physical health services.  Over the next five years the total Scottish Government direct investment in mental health will be more than £300 million.

The new strategy will see an additional 800 mental health workers in hospitals, GP surgeries, prisons and police stations.

Jeane Freeman said;

“I know that many people are facing mental health problems in Carrick, Cumnock and Doon Valley, and I’m pleased that mental health issues are to be treated as seriously as physical health problems.   Mental health is an issue in all our communities, and we need to make sure that people and their families get the help they need.

“Poverty is the single biggest driver of poor mental health, and not having a job is the single biggest inequality that people with mental health conditions can face, so I am determined to continue to fight for jobs in the constituency, as part of a wider approach to improving mental health.

“The strategic approach of the Scottish Government is in stark contrast to the ill-judged approach of the UK Government, who are cutting benefits to folk with mental health conditions.”

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