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Social Security Experience Panel Survey Results

Published date : 13 Nov 2017

'About Your Benefits and You’ results published.

A survey of those with direct experience of the benefit system has shown that three out of five respondents rate the current UK welfare system as ‘poor’ or ‘very poor’.

The ‘About Your Benefits and You’ survey sought the views of social security experience panels members – individuals who are giving their views on the design of Scotland’s new welfare system. 

The current UK system was rated as ‘poor’ or ‘very poor’ by 60% of respondents with 71% saying better advice and support must be a priority for Scotland’s new service.

The results also show that improving advice on eligibility and how to claim what you are entitled to is seen as a priority amongst the majority of the 1,144 respondents.

Social Security Minister Jeane Freeman said:

“This report reinforces what all our consultation and work so far has told us, that the UK system does not treat people well and there is a great deal to improve on. 

“Our unique social security experience panels will play a key role in the design of Scotland’s new service that we are building with the people who will use it.

“Their lived experiences will help to focus our work on the most important areas for improvement as we build a rights based social security service founded on the principles of dignity, fairness and respect.”


Social Security Experience Panels: About Your Benefits and You - Quantitative Research Findings

Social Security Experience Panels: About Your Benefits and You - Visual Summary of Research Findings

The Scottish Government has recruited a diverse range of people from across Scotland, who have used the current benefits system, to join the experience panels as part of its commitment to build a service based on dignity, fairness and respect. This includes a mix of those with caring responsibilities and those without.

This is the first time the experience panels model has been used in public service design in the United Kingdom.

More information on the creation of Scotland’s social security system is available online. 

You can follow the Scottish Government’s social security directorate on twitter @ScotGovSocSec

Social Security
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