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Social Security Scotland Recruitment

Published date : 21 Mar 2018

80 new social security jobs available in Dundee.

Recruitment is now open for the first jobs with Scotland’s new social security agency.

Successful applicants will help people to access the support that they are entitled to and will help to deliver the first payments for Carer’s Allowance Supplement this summer.

The positions will be offered with various working patterns meaning more than 80 people are expected to be employed with some of the full time posts being covered by multiple part time workers.

These jobs are the first of at least 1,900 that will be created by the time the agency is fully operational.

Social Security Minister Jeane Freeman said:

“This is another important step towards creating Scotland’s first social security agency which will be based on our principles of dignity, fairness and respect.

“We are looking for people with positive attitudes who share our ambition to deliver a public service that people in Scotland can be proud of.

“Dignity and respect can’t be limited to the way we deliver our service. It has to be evident in how we treat our staff. So we’re starting recruitment now to make sure we have the time to offer all successful applicants the training and support they’ll need to do their best in their new roles.

“The Scottish Government is committed to family friendly working and a healthy work/life balance and we’re determined to do all we can to bring in the many skills and experience you get from a diverse workforce. So we’ll be offering job opportunities with a wide variety of working patterns”

These jobs are the first of approximately 750 new roles in Dundee, which will be Social Security Scotland’s new headquarters. A similar number of people will be employed at a second site in Glasgow with at least 400 more jobs being created to deliver support at a local level across Scotland.



The vacancies will be promoted at road shows in the following locations:

Overgate Centre, Dundee, DD1 1UQ - 7th April 2018

Discover Opportunities Centre, Crichton Street, Dundee, DD1 3AN - 16th & 23rd April 2018

A proportion of this recruitment campaign and future campaigns will include Modern Apprenticeships. Inclusion Scotland will help to recruit interns.

You can find out more about these positions on the Scottish Government’s recruitment website.


Colin Bell/ 07468716489

Social Security
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