UK Government Budget Does Not Deliver For Scotland

Published date : 30 Oct 2018


MSP Jeane Freeman has criticised the UK Government for failing the people of Carrick, Cumnock and Doon Valley, following this year’s Budget announcement.

 After promising to end austerity, the UK Government’s budget has in fact failed Scottish people, with Scotland’s resource block grant almost £2 billion lower in real terms next year than it was less than a decade ago.  

The Budget does not deliver on the promises of a rise in public spending – Scotland’s NHS has been short-changed, the disastrous roll-out of Universal Credit has not been halted, the richest 10% of the UK population will be the ones who benefit most from Tory tax cuts and the UK Government has still to deliver on the Ayrshire Growth Deal. 

Jeane Freeman MSP said:

 “This Tory Budget falls a long way short of delivering for the people of Scotland.

 “Working people will be £1,600 worse off thanks to their mishandling of Brexit, and the changes in this year’s Budget do nothing to alleviate the untold damage this will do.  

 “The reality of this Budget is that the Tories have dug themselves a deeper hole, with no clue how to get out of it. People in [area], and across Scotland, are getting a bad deal with the Tories.

 “The SNP will not support Tory tax cuts for the richest at the expense of the poor.

 Instead of ploughing on with more harmful austerity, the UK Government should commit to a realistic plan for investment in public services, to grow the economy and to boost jobs, incomes and living standards.

 “This budget has exposed in stark terms the democratic deficit of the UK, and why we need full powers over Scotland’s finances to grow our economy and build a fairer country.”

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