Data Protection & Sharing
The Data Protection Act 1998 requires that all Members of the Scottish Parliament operate within the provisions of the Act. I will treat as confidential any personal information that you pass to me. I will where appropriate pass your information to my staff or to volunteers in my office so that they can progress matters on your behalf. In some cases I may need to pass some or all of the information you have sent me to other agencies including for example a Housing Department, or a Social Service. If you send me personal data about someone else, I may need to check the details with that person. If you send me information concerning your relatives or friends, I may need to ask those individuals to confirm that they are happy for me to assist on their behalf. Any personal data that you pass to me will generally be recorded on paper or on a computer for future reference and you have a right to request the personal data that I hold about you. 

Third Party Links
Jeane Freeman MSP does provide links to other sites. Other Internet sites and services have separate privacy and data collection practices. Once you leave Jeane Freeman MSP,  she cannot be held responsible and has no responsibility for the privacy policies or data collection activities at another site.

Use of Images
The copyright holder of the images shown on this site belong either to Jeane Freeman MSP or a named third party, who do not allow anyone to use it for any purpose, without express permission from the copyright holder and with the copyright holder properly attributed. Redistribution, derivative work, commercial use, and all other use is not permitted.

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